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I have been obsessed with mountain biking and general biking since I was a kid, growing up in the Gippsland region of Victoria.

From riding my BMX bike to school, to hitting the huge choice of bush and trail to ride in our area, I now ride daily before and after work.

Peter Johnson – aka Beastie Bikes Pete
While I don’t ride e-bikes, I’m interested in their technology, and how they fit into the field.

I write about all thing mountain biking and e-bikes, and try to provide honest information on new bikes and accessories, and also how to guides.

Many products I test myself through a mate who has a bike store, or by discussing with my biking colleagues.

I hope you enjoy the blog. You can reach me at or via my social media channels.

41B Luck St, Macclesfield, South Australia, 5153

0419 851 891



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