Best Reliable Preventive Maintenance Services India

PR Power Engineers prepares and follows site-specific maintenance routines to guarantee that your system is properly maintained and tested. PR Power Engineers service engineers have been factory trained on: Chloride, Piller Unblock, KW Controls, and Toshiba UPS systems and as a minimum, we ensure that the factory maintenance guidelines are performed. We provide the best power maintenance service that ensures that your UPS Systems are maintained at the highest level possible.

Our Preventive Maintenance System Service

  • LV / HV / EHV Circuit Breakers of all types & makes

  • Indicating / Recording Meters of all types & makes

  • Instrument Transformers – CT / PT / CVT

  • Protective Relays of all types & makes

  • Power / Distribution Transformers

  • Battery & Battery Charger

  • Earthing System

  • Capacitor Banks

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December 29, 2023