GiftAwsm: Personalised & Customised Jewelry Gifts!

Full Address: 4800 W 34th Street, Suite C50C Houston, Texas 77092, USA

City: Houston

State: Texas

Zip Code: 77092

Country: United States of America

Phone Number: +14232899280



Category: jewelry

About Gift Awsm:

GiftAwsm crafts jewelry that\’s more than adornment—it\’s a vessel for memories and emotions. Dive into collections that resonate with personal stories, making every piece uniquely yours.

We believe in the power of personal touch. Every piece in our collection is a testament to that belief. We search for jewelry that has soul, pieces that resonate with memories and emotions. Each piece of jewelry from GiftAwsm is not only about the shine, but also the sentiment it conveys. And with our personalized engraving option, that sentiment becomes uniquely yours.

Looking for something for your partner in crime or perhaps a token for the awesome parents who’ve been your rock? Explore our collection. From partners to parents, from old friends to new acquaintances, we’ve got something that says exactly what you’re feeling. Necklaces that echo tales of adventures, bracelets woven with shared memories, earrings that capture moments – every piece at GiftAwsm is curated to convey a story, a feeling, an emotion.

January 14, 2024