Hemp Harvesters: Revolutionizing the Agriculture Industry

The agricultural sector has seen a notable upsurge in hemp growing in recent years. Farmers are increasingly turning to dependable and effective hemp harvesters to simplify their operations in response to the rising demand for hemp-based goods. The significance of hemp harvesters and their effects on the industry as a whole are examined in this article. Come along with us as we explore the world of hemp harvesting.

The Development of Harvesters of Hemp

A roadside hemp harvester pulled by a tractor


Significant improvements have been made to hemp harvesters to meet the unique requirements of hemp producers. PURE5TM is one well-known business leading this transformation. PURE5TM, a pioneer in the industry, has created and distributed innovative hemp harvesters that have revolutionized…
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December 18, 2023


Unveiling the Symphony of PURE5™ Cannabis Extraction

Step into the extraordinary realm of PURE5™, where cannabis extraction transforms into a captivating symphony. Our machinery, a curated collection of innovation, unfolds like an art gallery, each piece playing a crucial role in this grand production.

Aerosol Extractions: Experience a gallery of masterpieces, from the delicate 10L LPE Manual to the monumental 500L LPE Automated Aerosol Extraction.
Ethanol Extraction: Join the ensemble with its unique canvas.
THC Remediation Reactors: Narratives range from the intimate 5L to the grand 150L.
Mold & Yeast Remediation: A captivating saga in reactors from 5L to 150L.
Lab Equipment: A studio featuring the precision of the 6″ SS Wipe Film Distillation, the avant-garde 50L Crystallization Reactor, and the ingenuity of the 60L SHW Extraction System.
Farming Equipment: Journey into the fields, meeting characters like the Hemp Harvester, the 10T Conveyor Dryer, and the Stick and Seed Separator.
Exclusive Hemp Strains: Discover mesmerizing varieties like the Arizona Dream and luscious Western Cherry.
PURE5™ doesn't just manufacture; it crafts an exhibition of cannabis extraction excellence, a symphony tailored to perfection.