How Do I Convert MSG Files to PDF with Attachments?

Hey, I work in an organization as an administration executive.  I have a need to maintain a PDF document that may contain all my MSG emails. Is there any easy way to execute this conversion process? Kindly share your views regarding this.

Do you search for a solution of how do I convert MSG files to PDF with attachments? Then, I can help you resolving this issue in a best manner. Read this article and follow the useful instructions mentioned in this post.

Outlook email client generates MSG format, it is a one item in a form of an email message, task, event, appointment, calendar, etc. As MSG file is a single file so there is possibility that you might have multiple MSG files in your system.  And it is always a beneficial to save backup on PDF document. CubexSoft MSG to PDF Converter is an automated app that may help you saving all Outlook emails of MSG format in PDF document. There are many advantages of choosing this file migration method, we will all In later part. Firstly let’s see the working procedure of the app.

Let’s Know How Do I Convert MSG Files to PDF with Attachments

Step1: Firstly download/install MSG Converter.

Step2: Add .msg files with given dual options.

Step3: Now click on Export for selecting desired output option “PDF”.

Step4: Choose “Select Destination Path” then hit on “Convert” button.

Beneficial Features of MSG to PDF Converter Tool

MSG to PDF Tool is a superb way to execute the conversion of MSG files to PDF format without losing any attachment property. This software enables you to select multiple .msg files versy conveniently for converting into PDF format in one round.  And the structure of the data and all other elements do not change, it is a securest way that maintains the originality unaffected during the conversion.

And this app is operable without Outlook email client. Also users face no file size restrictions at all. The software gives options to load the MSG folder, and it can also be convertible to PDF format at once. Users have various options to save attachments accordingly, these are like Embed Attachments to PDF

  • Extract Attachments Separately
  • Convert Attachment to PDF
  • Append Attachments to PDF

This software may easily run by the users even if they have no such technical skill, still they are eligible to operate it without facing any such obstacles. Users also have one separate options by opting it, users can save all the emails in a single PDF file. Users may add filter accordingly such as to, from, subject, and exclude deleted file. The software facilitates options for choosing destination location as per requirement. At the completion stage of the migration, users receive a log-report in TXT file format that can be preserved for further analysis.

End Note

The above elaborated method is a complete solution to tackle how do I convert MSG files to PDF with attachments. This app is suitable with both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. Like Windows 11, 10, 7, 8.1, 7, XP, 8, and Vista, etc. And Mac OS versions –Catalina, High-Sierra, Mojave, Monterey, and Big-Sur etc.


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