How do I establish company in Vietnam?

To establish a limited liability company, joint stock company or partnership company in Vietnam, foreign investors may invest 100 percent of their capital.

establish company in Vietnam

establish company in Vietnam

To receive investment registration certificates, first-time foreign investors in Vietnam must have investment projects and complete investment registration or examination procedures at state investment agencies. Business registration certificates and investment certificates must be issued simultaneously. Since the investment certificate was issued, a company with entirely foreign capital has been in existence.

A project dossier to establish company in Vietnam shall comprise:

-Registration/Request for issuance of Investment Certificate;

-A report on financial capability of the investor;

-Draft of the company’s charter;

-List of members of company;

-Copy of the people’s identity card, passport or other lawful personal certification, for individual members;

-Copy of the establishment decision, business registration certificate or other equivalent document, for member organizations;

-Copies of the authorization document, the people’s identity card, passport or other lawful personal certification, for authorized representatives.

-Copies of the business registration certificates of the foreign member organizations must be authenticated within three months before the date of submission of the business registration dossier by agencies where such organizations are registered;

-Written authorization of the investor in case investor is organization and valid copy of the lawful personal certification of the authorized representative. Documents in foreign languages must be translated into Vietnamese, notarized and legalized;

-The joint-venture contract or Business Cooperation Contract (BCC);

-Other documents required by Vietnam law.

Starting a business in Vietnam would take anywhere from 30 days. The additional time may be required on the off chance that the venture region is contingent or the State government necessities to look at the speculation project. In some investment projects, minimum capital, special licenses, or other conditions may be required.

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January 17, 2024


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