How to Break Large PST File? Best Techniques

Are you looking for several ways to break a big PST file? Do you need answers to the question, “How to Break Large PST File?” True? Thus, you will find answers to your questions in this article. These days, users ask this question the most frequently. We will thus go over a number of methods for breaking PST files in this article.

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One of the most widely used desktop-based, free email programs is Microsoft Outlook. Email messages can be sent and received using it. All data is saved by Microsoft Outlook as Portable Storage Table Files, or PST files for short. All of the notes, emails, diaries, calendars, and other data can be stored in PST file format. However, it has a file size limit that changes depending on the MS Outlook version. Outlook 2019, 2013, and 2016 PST files may now store up to 50 GB of data thanks to recent improvements.



How to Split a Large PST File with a Professional Method

One of the most widely used programs for destroying PST files is DataVare Split Outlook PST Tool. Its UI is easy to use. The application has several complex capabilities, one of which is the ability to split PST files into smaller ones according to date, size, year, and folder.

Let’s now talk about the detailed process for destroying a huge PST file:

  • Download and launch the DataVare Split PST software

home window

  • Click the “Add Files, Add Folder, or Search Files” button to add large PST documents


  • Select the “Add File” button to split the PST file and then select “Open”


  • Click the “Add Folder” button to add any folder

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  • Upon completion of the process, a window stating that “The PST Files have been split successfully” will appear on the software.


Key Benefits of the DataVare Split PST Tool

  • Permits splitting big PST files according to folder, date, email address, category, etc.
  • Encourages breaking both the active PST documents and the archive.
  •  Permits operation with Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and all versions below.
  •  Permits splitting PST files into smaller files up to 1 TB in size.
  •  You can add numerous PST files and folders with this program.
  • Permits users to divide PST files across any chosen drive.


Why Is It Necessary to Split a Large PST File?

We’ll talk about a couple of the reasons why people would wish to crack huge PST files here:-

  • The MS Outlook application’s speed and performance drop as PST files get big.
  • When PST file size grows, there are additional problems with data loss.
  •  If there is not enough or any storage space remaining, you cannot add data to an existing folder.
  •  Users who have limited storage space are unable to view the MS Outlook application’s data.


Huge PST Files Can Be Broken By Hand

To divide a PST file into smaller ones, use the following actions:-

  • Install the Microsoft Outlook software on your computer.
  •  Look for the “File” menu item and select “Account Settings” after that.
  •  Click on the “Data Files” button, followed by the “Add” button.
  • Outlook data file dialog box will show up. Then provide the file’s name and place to save it.\
  • Select “OK” to exit the account settings.
  •  Once more, select the File option, click “Open,” and then select the Import choices.
  • After selecting the “Export to a File” option and pressing the “Next” button, a window will appear.
  • Conduct a search, choose a PST document, and then click “Next.”
  •  Choose the folders that best suit your needs, then press the “Next” button.
  • To save the data, browse any location.
  • Finally, select an option from the list before exporting, then click “Finish.”


The Manual Approach’s Drawbacks

Although users have the option to use the manual approach, there are a few disadvantages that we will discuss below:

  • Protracted and time-consuming process
  • There is no assurance of data integrity.
  •  Technical know-how is needed for the manual procedure.
  • The user’s data may be lost during the splitting procedure.
  •  It is difficult to use and complicated.


In Conclusion
We have covered the several approaches to the question, “How to Break Large PST File?” in this article.
PST files can be divided into smaller ones using any of the aforementioned techniques. However, as we covered in the section above, there are certain drawbacks to the manual method. Thus, we advise using the DataVare PST Split Software for our consumers. It offers a promise to destroy PST files.

April 24, 2024

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