How to protect your trademark in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, trademark registration is the first step in obtaining trademark protection. A trademark opposition may be filed to prevent a mark application that is pending from being granted. Litigation is the last option for resolving disputes involving trademark protection in Vietnam.

Trademark Protection in Vietnam

Trademark Protection in Vietnam

A trademark is a sign that helps separate one company’s goods or services from those of others. Products and services trademarks play a crucial role in the expansion of the business, alongside patents and industrial designs. A trademark connects a business and its clientele. Customers will be more likely to use goods or services if the trademark is strong. The infringement of a trademark is inevitable when the trademark is well-known and has significant economic benefits from the sale of goods or services.

The owner of a trademark has two options for registration: either directly register a trademark in Vietnam by filling out a registration application with the Vietnam NOIP, or use Madrid’s system to seek protection in Vietnam. In accordance with Vietnam’s intellectual property law, the trademark owner must prepare, apply for registration, and pay a fee for the first option. If a trademark needs to be protected in multiple countries, such as Vietnam, the owner can register it using Madrid’s system.

The trademark owner must assess the degree of infringement and damage in each location where a trademark violation occurs in order to select appropriate solutions. In the beginning, the owner of a trademark may protect themselves by requiring the trademark violator to stop their violations, apologise, and make amends. Owners of trademarks have the right to seek compensation in the event of damage. If negotiations or mediation fail, the trademark owner can use a settlement mechanism or submit a denunciation application to the Vietnam NOIP and ask the appropriate state agencies to handle acts of infringement. Acts of infringement may necessitate litigation. In general, civil litigation proceedings are more complex than arbitration proceedings. Civil litigation takes precedence when the trademark owner requires a court decision to end trademark infringement. In the remaining cases, arbitration is the better option because it is less expensive, takes less time to settle, and is more adaptable.

The client company’s competitive advantage is heavily reliant on trademarks. Through trademark registration, oppositions, and other trademark protection resolutions in Vietnam, ANT Lawyers’ IP service in Vietnam assists you in securing protection for these priceless intellectual assets.

December 20, 2023


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