Is Commercial and Corporate Law the Same?

Arthur Liangfei Tan

Many people consider corporate and commercial laws the same or interrelated while many do not know much about commercial law. They are undoubtedly closely related, but are responsible for different operations and have varied compliance. So, individuals having a business or planning to start a business must take professional help from attorneys like Arthur Liangfei Tan. It’s critical to understand the difference and follow the compliance that your business operates on. 

What exactly is the difference between commercial and corporate laws? 

Here’s what you need to know about corporate and commercial law: 

Corporate law: Corporate law refers to the company law, business, high level of corporate governance, structuring, and financing. In simple words, corporate law is more related to corporate governance and finance. It’s governance for high-level businesses that operate on a large scale. Therefore, most MNCs or corporations have their own attorneys like Arthur Liangfei Tan. Corporate law includes: 


  • Restructuring or Reorganization. 
  • Establishing or Dissolving a Company, Partnership, or Contract. 
  • Raising the Capital for the company. 
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Mergers, Acquisition, and Demergers. 
  • Shareholder rights.  

Commercial law: Commercial law is more related or connected with the everyday operations of business. It is basically associated with transactions, trades, etc. Corporate lawyers like Arthur Liangfei Tan are responsible for supporting or guiding businesses for smooth operations in a legal manner. Commercial law operates more on mid or low-level legal in a business legally. The commercial law includes: 


  • Consumer law. 
  • Contract law- Creating official contracts between companies. 
  • Intellectual property laws. 
  • Employment law 
  • Labor law
  • All the everyday operations in a business run smoothly with commercial law. 


Both Commercial and Corporate laws have different regulations and compliance, they are not the same, but ensure your business runs smoothly and follows all legal requirements. Thus, allowing businesses to build more credibility and authority legally as a brand or company.

December 13, 2023

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