Joud by Tawfeer Supermarket

Joud is a brand of frozen prepared meals by Tawfeer Supermarket, a leading retail chain in Lebanon founded by Rami Bitar, a serial entrepreneur and investor. Joud offers a range of healthy, convenient, and delicious meal solutions that are low in fat, carbs, and calories, and high in flavor and quality. Joud uses fresh and natural ingredients sourced from Lebanese farmlands and follows sustainable practices and green energy. Joud’s menu includes salads, quinoa, tabbouleh, and more traditional Lebanese dishes. To learn more about Joud and how it makes healthy eating easier than ever, visit the website-

December 22, 2023

Rami Bitar

Rami Bitar is a Lebanese serial entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who is passionate about supporting education, sports, and humanitarian causes. He is the CEO of Capital Partners and Tawfeer International and a managing partner in Bitar International, a group of companies that operates in the fields of retail, trade, and distribution. On Rami Bitar's official Twitter account, you can follow his latest updates, insights, and opinions on various topics, such as business, politics, culture, and social issues. You can learn more about his initiatives and collaborations.

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