Reforms for Teachers & Teacher Training in NEP 2020

The NEP system aims to offer essential value to all levels of education, from school to higher education levels. It follows an academic reformation model that will take hold of the existing education system and raise it to higher levels.

The system is developed and published with the view that all elements of education and academic branches should receive value and the brightest prospects when it comes to dealing with core features. These include quality, affordability, equity, access and accountability.

Aim of NEP System

The primary aim of the NEP system is to raise the standards of efficient teacher training, reforms in the existing examination process, childhood care at an early stage and remodeling of the regulatory framework policies in the education system.

NEP also intends to create value for factors like public investment in education, setting up of National Education Commission (NEC), strengthened use of technology and vocational/adult education provision schemes.

Salient Features of the NEP System

The value addition of the NEP system can be detailed using some of its vital features that guide the overall policy. These include early childhood care, curriculum framework, the Right to Education Act provisions, various exams and tests and education governance.

Other features are the national research foundation, higher educational institutions, financing education, three language formula and vocational/adult courses

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