Teen Patti 2024: Card Rankings, Betting Process, And Rules on jeeto88

Teen Patti popularly known as 3 Patti is an Indian-origin game that is hard-core played across the Asian continent. A variety of names, such as Three Cards, Flush, and Flash know it. The game has captivated many players for generations with its simple rules and strategic gameplay. You will be amazed to know that the 3 Patti game is a norm during social gatherings, festivals, and even on online casino platforms.

In recent years, with technology on the rise, Teen Patti has gained immense popularity through online casino apps. One of the major reasons would be that they offer real money for playing and a creative way to stay connected with your friends and family. Need some competition? Online Teen Patti offers an excellent way for players to find some competition and play against some of the top Teen Patti Competitors for real money.

The jeeto88 mobile app has been quite popular recently since it supplies players with strategy, excitement, and thrill. The game comprises tactics, observation, and the ability to look straight into your opponent’s mind without breaking your body language and expressions. 

If you ever feel the need to play Teen Patti, jeeto88 online casino will always have its doors open for you. Now, this blog is meant to guide you around the workings and rules of Teen Patti, giving you a clear and brief idea of how you can succeed at this game. Read the article below and satisfy your curiosity about Teen Patti.

Card Rankings In Teen Patti

Before you get started with the rules of the game, it is of utmost importance to understand and learn the card rankings. Knowing what you are holding and what you should be going after will help you lay out a strategic plan for the game.


Set, also known as a trial or a trio in Teen Patti, is a three-card combination that is made up of the same rank irrespective of their color or suit. One such example would be, three kings – each one belonging to a different suit of cards. Kings are second in rank, the first being Ace, followed by Queens, Jacks, 10s, and rest. 

Straight Flush

Also known as the Pure Sequence, the Straight Flush involves three successive cards from the same suit. In a traditional Teen Patti game, a Pure Sequence of A-2-3 of hearts, diamonds, spades, or clubs is considered the highest. Another one is the variant A-K-Q which is also the highest in the sequence. While the lowest of all is the 4-3-2 sequence, making it less desirable among players.

Run or Straight

In Teen Patti, a run or straight sequence bears a passing resemblance to the pure sequence. The hand is made up of three cards that are consecutive yet come from different suits. In the conventional game, A-2-3 is also the highest-ranked hand here. The variation, however, configures it to be A-K-Q. The lowest-ranked hand at the end of the sequence is 4-3-2. K-A-2 and 2-A-K are invalid straight sequences.

Color or Flush

A three-card hand in Teen Patti that is not in sequence and belongs to the same suit is called a color or flush. A-K-J of spades, clubs, diamonds, or hearts is the highest-ranking hand in this sequence. A-K-10, A-K-9, and so forth are the next highest-ranking hands. 5-3-2 is the color or flush sequence with the lowest ranking.

Pair or Double

A Pair or double in Teen Patti is a card ranking formed by two cards of the same rank, regardless of their suit or color. For example, two Aces from different suits and colors are the highest-ranking pair, while the lowest-ranking hand is 2-2-3. In case two players have the same pair, we can use their value to determine who has the highest.

High Card

Similar to the flush, a high card in Teen Patti is formed using three cards from different suits but in non-sequential order. The trio should be in the order of highest, second-highest, and lowest. The A-K-J is the highest-rank while 5-3-2 is the lowest. If two players share the same hand, the winner can be determined by the next high card.

Teen Patti Betting Process

First, the game starts with the dealer distributing the cards clockwise from his left. Once that is done, players then make bets as to who has the best hand. Before betting, players can either opt for the blind bet(betting without seeing the hand) or bet after looking. This leads to further division among the players, the ones who have gone blind are called blind players while the ones who have seen are called see players. Bets go around the table as needed. You have the option to either call or fold. A fold will let you miss a betting opportunity and lose the money you invested in the pot.

Blind Player

Before placing a bet, blind players are not allowed to glance at their cards. Lay a wager in the pot to begin playing blind. The wager must match the pot’s total, but no more than twice that amount. Your wager must be at least the boot if you are the first player.

A blind player’s stake amount sets the minimum amount that a subsequent player must match or surpass. The stake amount is only half of the wager for visible participants, though.

If able, a blind player can request a show. The winner takes home the pot once both players’ cards are shown, which is known as a blind show. 

The following criteria should be met, for there to be a show:

  • Only two players must remain, while others must drop out.
  • Whether the opposing player is blind or not does not affect the cost of the show for the blind player. You can’t look at your cards until you pay for the show.
  • It is not permitted for seen players to request a show. They have the option to wager or not.
  • A show costs double the amount currently staked if both players are observed. A show request may come from any player.
  • The player who did not pay the pot for the show wins the hand if, following the show, all of the hands are equal.

Seen Player

Seen players are given four options: Chaal, fold, show, or sideshow. If you have already looked at your cards, the only option left is Chaal.Chaal can only be played after making a bet on the pot. The bet must be four times that of the current stake. The bet amount made by the blind player before will be the stake amount. But if the player before was seen then they are obliged to bet only half of the stake amount. 

A witness may request a show by following the previously mentioned guidelines. They can also want a sideshow. A player in a sideshow is requested to check their cards against those of the previous players. This is only relevant if there are still one or more players in the game after the last player was seen. to request a sideshow spot in the pot equal to twice the stake that is currently in place. The sideshow might be accepted or rejected by the prior player.

You must give up and fold if the previous player accepts the sideshow and has better cards than yours. But if your cards are better, they must fold. 


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