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The mobile development trends for 2024 are a broader concept that deals with the different aspects of mobile technology and not just app development. It encompasses the latest trends in mobile operating systems, the rise of 5G technology, mobile operating systems evolution including iOS and Android, The IOT (Internet of Things) and the growth of many progressive web apps (PWAs). 2024 will be a great year of opportunities for people who wish to welcome the technology change. It is high time we embrace the trends in iOS and Android mobile app development trends. The latest trends also include the mobile OS, hardware, connectivity, mobile web development, cross-platform developments and the latest trends that affect the complete mobile ecosystem.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML are used in many different ways to enhance the mobile app experience. The use of both of these technologies is supposed to increase in the coming years. Artificial intelligence can be utilized to suggest different products or services to people, identify their needs, and offer real-time support. ML can be used to enhance the performance of apps and make them more responsive.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR are the other two technologies that are renowned in the mobile app development industry. AR can be used to superimpose digital information into the real world as VR can be used to make a complete virtual world. Both AR and VR technologies can be used to make bewitching and attractive mobile app experiences in different areas like gaming, entertainment, education, healthcare and so on.

3. Internet Of Things (IoT)

The IoT is a combination of physical devices that are connected to the internet. It can collect and interchange data. Many mobile applications are created to control IoT devices. IoT has been used in various arenas like agriculture, health care, transport, manufacturing, smart homes and much more.

4. On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps let users request services from their mobile phones and get them delivered immediately. These apps are getting admired in a wide range of industries like food delivery, transportation and home services.

5. Progressive Web Apps

The progressive web app market is expected to grow exponentially from 2023 to 2030. Many industries like e-commerce and healthcare are set to adopt these PWAs at a faster pace. These apps do not need to be installed and they do not occupy more space. These apps minimize the development costs and help you get the functionality of an app and the environment of a website at a lower development cost.

6. Voice Feature

The widely known voice-based assistants like Siri of Apple, Alexa from Amazon and Google Assistant are all AI-enabled voice-based chat assistants. This assistant takes the human speech as input and analyzes it using the NLP and interacts with LLM to answer. Apart from this, we can see service-specific voice assistants that will assist clients in filling digital insurance forms with just voice instructions.

7. Location Feature

Location features of mobile apps will assist people with location-based services. A few apps with geolocation mapping services are Google Maps and Uber. Examples of app categories that use geolocation are weather-based maps and navigation, dating apps, networking apps, gaming, delivery services apps etc.,

8. Dark Mode And Gradients

Dark mode and gradients are the trends that mobile apps use even in the year 2024. These modes, though modern, lessen the strain on the eyes. With the latest advancements in mobile apps, both of these features help save the battery life of devices with OLED screens. Gradients will help identify the in-depth movement and make the interface look lively.

9. 5G

With the increase in the adoption of 5G technology that would give fast speed and reduce data transfer, the government wants to install 5G network-supporting towers. This would help in handling heavy data-intensive tasks without delays like live streaming, VR and AR and instant IoT connectivity. This feature will assist with advancements in other industries like transport, entertainment, health care and telecommunications.

10. Wearable Mobile App Development

People are getting used to wearable devices and this would be the best thing to invest in as they can access everything from their wrist. All the businesses today operate utilizing this technology and this would give customers a very good experience. It helps people effectively connect with their clients as it has replaced the slower traditional methods of the market.


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