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60 Fero, hailing from Ghana, is an avid and resolute blogger with a clear mission: to provide individuals with valuable information and updates on a variety of topics, including Scholarships and education, Jobs, and opportunities.

With a fervent passion for courses on Education-related subjects and blogging, 60 Fero has earned a reputation as a trustworthy source of knowledge for enhancing one’s understanding of Scholarships and education, Jobs, and opportunities.

Full Name: Osarfo Michael Darteh

Date Of Birth: 5th May

Education: Oda Senior High, University Of Cape Coast

Occupation: Blogger, Web Developer, Graphics Designer, etc.

About 60feroforever

60feroforever.com is a leading educational media organization established by 60fero with a focus on connecting students with scholarships and Job opportunities across the world.

Established in 2023, our mission is to help brilliant persons across the globe reach their full potential by learning and carrying out research in advanced academic institutions in developed countries using scholarship opportunities. we also focus not only on scholarships but also on job opportunities around the world.

Through our efforts to connect people with scholarship and job opportunities, many students across Africa and beyond have secured educational funding to study in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, and more, allowing them to acquire advanced knowledge, grow their connections with other brilliant minds and contribute to the growth and advancement of their respective countries.

Since our establishment in 2023, we have reached and supported more than 16 million students across the world through our website (60feroforever). We are the most followed scholarship informant on Twitter, having over 140,000+ followers from all over the world.

We also work to ensure that stories of successes, challenges, and failures of scholars around the world are given the widest publicity to celebrate their achievements and inspire upcoming scholars never to give up on their dreams.

We are working tirelessly to live up to our ambitious mission of being the most reliable educational media in the world that will build and connect brilliant brains and minds with the opportunity to fully utilize their intellectual capacity to advance the world.

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