Why Unenrolled Deed Poll must be Got

Formally changing one’s name is possible with a deed poll, a legal instrument. Enrolled and unenrolled deed polls are the two types available in the United Kingdom.

What Is an Unenrolled Deed Poll?

An Unenrolled deed poll also known as a private deed poll, is a legal instrument that allows a person to change their name without having to register it with the Royal Courts of Justice. The individual now has greater privacy because the new name is not visible in the public domain. An unenrolled deed poll is just as valid and legally binding as an enrolled deed poll.

Why Select the Unenrolled Deed Poll?

For a variety of reasons, an unenrolled deed poll might be favored over an enrolled one.

By using an unenrolled deed poll, you can quietly alter your name and prevent it from appearing in the official public record. This may be very important for people who have experienced domestic abuse or stalking, or who simply want to preserve their privacy.

There are two types of name deed poll services available; unenrolled deed polls are usually less expensive than enrolled deed polls. This is so that the Royal Courts of Justice can enroll the name change without charging any expenses. Unenrolled deed polls can be prepared and conducted more rapidly than enrolled deed polls because there is Witnessing of a name change and no waiting for the enrollment process to be completed.

If you decide to change your mind, you can easily revert to your previous name by deed poll using an unenrolled name, saving you the trouble of enrolling again. We hope that we can do all help about non-enrolled UK deed polls. If you’re thinking about changing your name, an unenrolled deed poll is a simple and reasonably priced solution.



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